Attendees: Scott Lull, Rick Lull (whym), Doug Barry (o), Herb Biegel, George Gaige (tpym), Jerry Ritter (d), Don Wells and John Board (whaym).

October 10, 2015 - The 133rd session was a special session held in conjunction with the James River Division OPS Weekend. Two attendees, Herb Biegle and John Board, were new to the railroad and we were glad to welcome them to the E&P. Two regulars, Jerry Ritter and Doug Barry stepped up to assist and we really appreciated that.
The session ran about four hours before I called it a day. (A normal session runs about 4.5 hours.) So the crew performed well. Of course the passenger trains got over two hours late and Jerry was busy writing orders to keep them going. But the big event of the day was when the White Hall yardmaster sent mixed train #30 out with the mail train's green caboose. This resulted in delays as cabooses were swapped in Hood. To prevent any further problems of this type the dispatcher developed a work aid for the yardmaster. All of the engine re-assignments seemed to solve their respective problems. However we found out that decapod #50 could not get 11 cars up the helix and had to double the hill. We will have to keep this in mind if it happens again. And for some reason the operator's radio kept switching to always on. We have not determine if it was a result of the radio, the headphones or the operator. Time will tell. And last but not least, Thorny Point yardmaster George used the mainline steam engine, instead of the cleaner diesel yard engine, to move the passenger equipment. E&P management is now waiting for the complaints that are sure to come from the Thorny Point populace.