Staging The Layout


Once the interchanges have been unloaded and reloaded and the waybills have been generated, I need to get empty (MT) cars to the businesses. This is done with the aid of the Business Waybill Report. When I place a waybill in the Business Card I look to see if a MT car is located at that business or in the same town. If a MT car is located at the business I place the new waybill in the Car Card and I am done. If none exists at the business, but one does exist in the same town, I place an MT request in the car to move it to the business needing the car. If neither exists, I mark the MT needed box on the report. Once I have processed all of the waybills on the report I process all of the checked MT needed boxes. For each MT needed box checked I place the corresponding MT request at the White Hall yard. This instructs the White Hall yardmaster to direct an MT car to the requesting business as soon as one becomes available. (Passes through the yard.)