Fully Qualified Operator (FQO)

Fully Qualified Operators are attendees that have held all of the operating positions on the Easton & Potomac.
The preferred order of rotation through the positions to become an FQO is; Engineer (preferred assignment order is; Passenger-Interchange freight-Mail express-Hood turn-Broadway turn) - White Hall assistant Yardmaster - Thorny Point Yardmaster - White Hall Yardmaster - Operator - Dispatcher.
Once you have held all of these positions you will be given the status of FQO along with a number indicating when you achieved this status.
FQO status moves you up in the Seniority List before any non FQO crew members.

Marlene thought it would be nice to have an event for spouses and guests to allow them to participate and meet the other spouses and guests of the operating session attendees.
So we came up with the idea of having an annual (we hope) social event. But to keep this event manageable we had to limited it to FQOs and their guests.

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