The "Road to Phatt City" built its reputation as the smallest, least well-known, and most inefficient route into and out of the New York City area. Word was that if the Feds had a manhunt going for you and you needed to get out of town in a hurry, buy a ticket on the TN&PC, because that was the line they always forgot to check. The TN&PC was built and operated by Jerry Ritter of Charlottesville, Virginia. It was a switching railroad set in New Jersey. Located over a two car garage and consisting of an arround the wall section and a pennisular, it was capable of continous running but was primarly operated in a point-to-point fashion. The ceiling was low and required the use of roller chairs during operations. I operated on this railroad only once and it was fun. Jerry dismanteled the layout in 2007 and started on another in the same location but without the pennisular. The new railroad is named Hudson & Ohio.