Easton was built May 30, 1896 by Charles Reeder of Baltimore, MD. Her maiden voyage was August 8, 1896. Her saloon was lighted with crystal studded electric chandeliers with bevel plate mirors on the walls. She had 30 state rooms each having two berths. (This steamer was definately ahead of its time.) She was equiped with a compound engine with cylinders of 20 and 38 inches in diameter. She could carry 200 tons of cargo and 150 first and second class passengers, and was manned by a crew of 30. This picture of the Easton was taken after she was sold to HW Williams Transportation of Grand Haven, Michigan. Her first captain under the Wheeler Transportation line was William H. H. Perry. In 1899 a sister ship for the Easton was in the works but never materialzed as the owner of Wheeler Transportation, Caleb Wheeler, died of cancer at age 59. (Photo and comments courtesy of Jay Bunting.)